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7 Month Old Neuter... Questions regarding Vet options
  • Hi Everyone,

    My pup is now 7 month old, and we are looking at getting the procedures... He doesn't know it yet :D

    Aside from the castration and standard consultation, they have additional "Options", in your opinion, are they worth it at this stage and age?

    Current situation:
    My pup is currently fairly healthy (as far as I can tell)
    Good weight and size
    Eats and defecates normally

    Veterinary "Options"
    Metacam - $40
    Ypap (Blood test) - $85

    so with these additional options, are they really worth the additional charge? or should I hold off in getting them until later in life?

    I was looking at getting a thorough eye exam during this time to save on the additional cost of the vet consultation.

    Are there anything serious at this stage in life that can be identified with the metacam / blood test?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Pics to come soon - I have been too lazy to upload it onto another site to link here.
  • pyleapylea
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    Pre-anesthetic blood work is necessary to ensure that your pup's kidneys can handle the anesthetic. I've always opted for the blood work with pets I've previously had fixed. IMO it's important to minimize the risks as much as possible when a loved one is going under the knife.

    As for Metacam, I'm not sure. Pylea is my first dog and her spay isn't coming up for a while so I haven't looked into it yet.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Metacam is a non steroidal anti inflammatory, aka pain medication, so not a diagnostic test.
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  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Prior to Tali's spay, she had all the necessary bloodwork done to make sure she could go under. The vet offered cold laser therapy with the surgery to speed up the healing process for an extra $40 which I'm glad I got since her incision healed up really quickly without any scarring. She didn't need to have any pain medication afterwards and bounced back within a day.

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