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Shiba Inu's puppy fur
  • I have couple questions about shiba inu's fur.

    How long does it take for the full coat to come in? Mines is 4 months and he seems more lean and sleek than the shiba inus I saw online. I'm not sure if he will have a full fur coat like the others. Should I try fish oil supplements to help it? He's currently eating Taste of The Wild salmon flavor. Maybe he's still too young and is in the process of developing his full coat?

    Any food/grooming suggestions to keep his fur super soft and shinny?

    Here's a pic of him right now.

    photo image_zpsxvqyl53i.jpeg

    photo image_zpsyvet3dun.png

    photo image_zpsfowm6ri5.jpeg
  • OrangeOrange
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    Shibas blow their puppy boat around 3-6 months of age. So your Shiba may just between a coat blow. It can take them easily until they are a year old or even overy 2 somerimes until that start to really develop their thick double coat. I have been doing hours of research on trying to distinguish a poor coat vs a Shiba being out of coat. I purchased my puppy (accidentally) from a puppy mill. So I am trying to predict if my dog will have a good coat or not.

    Guessing by the looks of your dogs coat is coincides with other poor coated dogs I have seen. It looks like your dog may always have a coat like that. I could be completely wrong though I am far from the most experienced here. Also your dog does look more lean an lankey. Did he come from a rescue or mill? He has miss marked coloration and a long narrow face. Again he could grow into it, but he looks steriotypical puppy mill dog to me and those pups often end up with a poor coat.

    Also your dogs parents will say a lot about how the coat will turn out. Do you have pictures of both parents? If the parents have poor coats your pup more than likely will. However good coats on the parents doesn't necessarily translate to good coats on the puppies if responsible breeding did not occur, but it is much more likely.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    @vktan92 - There are several existing threads on puppy coats, shedding, coat quality, and supplements. Please remember to search the forum before starting a new thread. Thanks!
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