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RED Shiba in PUPPY face turning completely white?
  • OrangeOrange
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    So my red Shiba was a little higher white than than the average pup to being, but at 10 weeks or so when I got her.... she has small white eye brows and fairly typical Shiba markings. I know Shibas get mote white as they age, especially red Shibas. But my girl Marcey is getting very white, quickly. She is only 3.5 months old now and get entire face is turning white. There is a line going from her upper ear to her upper eye brow markings turning white. So there is white around her ears, around her eyes and now it is filling in on her forehead. The more she sheds the whiter she gets.

    I am not complaing, I think it's cute, but is it normal for them to get this white this fast? Could it relate to any health concerns? I know some red Shiba puppies have that light cream mask around their eyes, then eventually there eyebrows come in. Well her "mask" is straight white.
  • OrangeOrange
    Posts: 123

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  • OrangeOrange
    Posts: 123

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  • it looks like the hairs coming in are her guard coat hairs, where the hair that is disappearing looks like the fluffy puppy coat.

    Ham had a darker/redder coat when he was a puppy and now has a lot of white hairs spread about his whole body. Other shiba owners who've seen him in person have commented on how they've never seen a shiba with a light colour like his, but I think it's because he has white hairs spread throughout his coat.
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  • koyukikoyuki
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    Looks like mismarked Urajiro... So I would say that because she came from what we can assume is a less than reputable breeder, that she just does not have 'to standard' marking/colour.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Looking at her early puppy photos, I would have pegged her as a puppy that would have an issue with early reverse mask/whiting out. The urajiro is really extensive and that never gets darker with age, only lighter.
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  • OrangeOrange
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    Interesting. I wonder what she is going to grow up looking like. Her face is constantly getting whiter, I have never seen a Shiba with such a white face at a young age. Or a full white face as an adult. I wonder if she will end up looking like a Shiba husky lol.
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Tali also has mismarked urajiro in her face and her legs. She also has the double high socks on her front legs. Her color progression is interesting and she got light relatively quickly.

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  • MojoMojo
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    @Nikkitine aww Tali still looks wonderful to me especially at 7 weeks, 12 weeks, and 11 months in those photos.

    As for Marcey that's pretty interesting. I as well have never come across something like that so it would be a bit of an eye opener to see how she develops.
  • tbarskitbarski
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    This is my Suki. She has changed so much from two months to four months old. I wouldn't have even guessed these were the same puppy. But it's definitely her.
  • I've noticed Nookie's coat changes every time she sheds
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