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Bladder problem?
  • My 2 year old Shiba has recently been starting to pee on my bed. She only wets my bed, not the living room, the couch, or her own bed she likes to lay on. I take her on walks all the time, and one every night, sometimes right before she goes to sleep. Before if she did need to pee, she would bark at the door. She's never had this problem before so I'm not sure what to think. I've read that maybe it could be a UTI problem, but she only wets my bed, and only at night. I never notice when she pees the bed because sometimes she could just be laying there, and I would see a wet spot. I've never caught her in the act of peeing. Has anyone had a problem like this? Should I go to the vet?
  • go to the vet and make sure that nothing is wrong medically.

    If everything at the vet checks out, you can start restricting water access a few hours before bedtime. Make sure you are using an enzyme cleaner when you wash up after her. Since she's only wetting the bed at night, make sure you are consistently walking her before bedtime so she has a chance to go.

    Lastly I would consider crating her at night instead of having her sleep in your bed if the previous things don't work? But from what it sounds, the vet should be your first stop.
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    If she leaks while sleeping, unintentionally, that sounds like incontinence. Is she spayed? Spay incontinence is relatively common, more-so with dogs spayed very young. Should take her to the vet to rule out other medical causes (UTI) first.

    The incontinence thread (excuse the title)-
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    @Leenangu - There are loads of threads on potty training, UTI, and incontinence. Please remember to search the forum before starting a new thread.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of the existing threads on the topic.

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