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Puppy sitting for 11 week old shiba?
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  • MojoMojo
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    Not sure where you can find an experienced trainer however.. Aren't you able to just leave a step by step note on what you want your sitter to do? While I don't think 3-4 days is long enough to really hinder your overall training goals, asking them to continue doing what you wish is part of the process of any dog sitter Shiba experience or not. As for overnight stays that depends on the sitter you find some will do it but it will be a significant increase in price just so you're aware.
  • BootzBootz
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    Where in the Bay Area are you from and what dates are you leaving?

    I don't trust anybody that I don't know, and even if I know them, I don't trust them 100%. I've had two family members/friends watch my Shiba and she ran away each time (and came back). I've only fully trusted other Shiba members on this forum to watch my dog.... And my best friend because she is like me and is a good sitter

    Edit to add: I don't think your puppy will regress since s/he still young. (Unless he gets exposed to a traumatizing event)
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  • @Bootz I'm in Sunnyvale but will be leaving in March 6-9. Yeah it isn't ideal for me to leave her with strangers as well but I just moved to the area for work and don't know many other people enough to really trust them to do it. I don't mind paying but again, like you said, I really don't want to pay for a "bad" puppy sitter that will end up traumatizing her.
  • I would ask your vet if they do boarding. If my mother can't watch my pets, I only trust my vet office to do it. Especially because if there were a medical issue, they're already in a safe place. Thankfully Tang LOVES the vet office and all of the staff and they love him. Same goes for our cats. They stay at the vet if my mom isn't able to watch them. I get texts and phone call updates on how they are doing, which is super nice.

  • BootzBootz
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    Ohh I'm in north San Jose. Real close. I would offer but can't do weekdays since I have to work. But if you ever need a weekend sitter....;) ! The dog sitter I use to hire through rover was really good with my Shiba but she had a reality check and quit to focus on her studies full time.

    Did you get your Shiba from a local breeder? Some breeders won't mind offering boarding for couple of days.

    I hope your job doesn't have a lot of business trips often! It's very hard to find good sitters for shibas since we (Shiba owners) have trust issues. I had a terrible time when my husband and I went on vacation.

    As stated before, 11 weeks is still young. Won't render your training. Worst case scenario id have a friend stay over to watch the puppy. It would not render your training, But make sure your friend follow your instructions and daily routine.
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