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Bite the hand that feeds?
  • doguedogue
    Posts: 11
    I was clipping Goma's nails and he bit me. :(
    I read in the posts that there would be screaming or shivering, but my shiba bit me and pretty hard too...
    I gave him treats and always clip only at the tip of his nails.
    Is this normal behaviour?
    Has anyone else experienced an issue where your dog has intentionally bit you (not playfully)?
  • Did it break the skin?

    Shiba's in general don't like being handled for nail trims, even by their people. Though some can be trained as a pup to be ok with it.

    I usually take mine to the vet/groomer for nail trims. I'm told they do just fine at the vet, but if I try at home, its a screaming mess.

    You may have been hurting him and he wanted you to know it. But I can't say. I will say, if he was trying to hurt you, he would probably have broke the skin.

    We had a bite incident once and it required a trip to the ER and stitches for my husband. It was 100% a accident on the dogs part, as he was very upset with another dog and my husband got in the middle to calm everything and was accidentally bit on the hand. Our dog knew his mistake and tried to show he was sorry. Never happened again.

  • ooohh.. I had to look back at your first post here. He's just a baby. He probably was telling you he didn't like that and at that age, everything goes into the mouth. From my experience, at that age, they don't really know how hard they are biting. Our youngest would bite and play bite and it was pretty hard and painful until after he was about 7 months old. He was still kind of getting the hang of it. Now he is much more gentle. Especially because if he bites too hard while playing, we tell him "gentle" and he bites softer.

    Keep trying to do the nail trims and get some special treats he gets to have just for nail trims.
  • He's still so young, he needs to learn bite inhibition and desensitization to the nail clipper. A lot of dogs don't like their paws being handled and will throw up a fuss when confronted with the dreaded clipper, so you should take it slow and associate paw handling and the nail clippers as really awesome things that comes with lots of praise and treats. Many people also recommend a dremel for nail grinding instead of clipping. Here are a couple useful threads you can look at:
  • doguedogue
    Posts: 11
    Thanks guys for your input. During the time I was clipping his nails, he was chewing on a greenie. It was going on fine until I got to his toe and without warning he just bit me. I got really mad and started yelling at him. Now he thinks I'm trying to get his greenie. So now when I approach him while he's chewing on a greenie, he gets defensive and would move to a different area or start growling. This makes me so sad because normally he would sit on my lap while eating the greenie. He won't even do that anymore. :((
    I'll keep on trying to to clip his nails while praising him and giving him treats. If it gets really bad I just might have to take him to the vet/groomer.
  • @dogue - Perhaps you accidentally touched a sensitive part of his paw that caused him to nip. The big mistake was yelling at him, so now you have a resource guarder as well. Or he could suddenly decided to guard his greenie right then and there. You won't be able to really know, but now you have to start at step 1. Don't even attempt to clip his nails, start with just touching his toes with the clippers and treating him.

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