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Weird noises while being pet?
  • tysaaantysaaan
    Posts: 122
    Has anyone ever had their shiba making unexplainable noises when being pet in the belly region? When Jibo is laying down and I pet him there his leg reflexes and I can tell he enjoys it. He never was one to really like being pet though, so one time I was petting him while he was standing and he started making this weird noise. It was a mix between snorting like a pig and a little bit of growling as well. I was able to get video of him making the noise.

    What's the most confusing is that he doesn't seem to hate it nor like it either. When he does make those noises he doesn't move away in discomfort, even though in the video it looks like he was. He was just moving because he had gotten his toy and wanted to play.

    Does he like being pet there or not?
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  • I don't know. My mom's Rottie makes a low growling sound when being pet and sometimes shows her teeth while doing it. She is super friendly and has never hurt anyone. Its always alarming to people that visit, but we've been told by the vet its not aggressive, but similar to a cats purr. It means she likes it. I don't know if this is the same thing with your dog. Maybe someone else has a idea...
  • OrangeOrange
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    I am still learning Shiba behavior, however if he was any basic dog breed I would say he enjoyed it. I have seen a lot of dogs do that when it feels really good. On either their belly or side. Also does he do it with out his toy a lot? He could be getting excited to play too? Anyway I have seen ton of labs, and bully breeds make almost those exact noises when they are enjoying being pet.
  • @tysaaan - Seems like he's enjoying it. Tali bares here teeth in a dorky little snarl grin but she loves her belly rubs. Sometimes, if a dog doesn't like being touched somewhere, they might move their head suddenly toward you hand, lick your hand a lot (could be good or bad), or mouthe it. Jibo doesn't seem to be displaying any of that and looks playful.
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  • Ham sometimes makes similar noises when we're playing. He makes the sound when he's nibbling at us and we rub his belly. He loves it.

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