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Is your dog right or left handed?
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    I've been reading a bit on the topic and some studies suggest that right or left handedness seem to go along with some behaviour tendencies. Right handed dogs are supposed to be easier to train and left handed dogs tend to be more aggressive towards strangers, get easier scared and so on.
    Ambidextruous dogs tend to be more sensitive to noise (?!).

    Most dogs use both their paws quite a lot so to test it one needs to do a number of trials and count if any is in majority.

    Studies have also proven that one can tell how a dog feels about things by looking at to which side of the body the tail wags, or if you stand right behind the dog and make a sound which ear the dog twists with to listen. If the dog likes the object it will use the right side of the body.

    I am quite sure that Juni is left handed just by looking at most things she does, she generally uses her left paw a lot more. She is also quite weary of strangers and have a tendency to interpret new things with suspicion. I am really curious about other Shibas, given the fact that many are quite reserved towards strangers and so on. I wonder will there be a lot of other left handed shibas here on the Forum?
  • BragiBragi
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    AHHH that's so interesting. That in a way explains a lot. Koji is also left handed and like your Juni he seems to be weary of strangers and easily suspicious. He also has developed fear aggression and is generally startled by a lot of things despite a ton of socialization as a puppy. Koji also get startled by his own tooting lol.

    Also about the body language thing, he does rub his right side of his body on me a lot.