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Problems with hair re-growth after neutering
  • Hello everyone!

    I searched for over 30min to find a thread about this but couldn't find anything. My apologies if there is a thread! I'd be happy to head over there if one of you could direct me. Until then, this is my question:

    Tobi, my 3yr old Male, was neutered last month on Oct 20. The hair that was shaved on his arm has filled in about halfway since then, but the shaved area around his testicles has not. It still feels like it was freshly shaved today. I am so worried about this because its a rather large area. Also, the exposed skin, despite my efforts to put sunscreen on, has gone from baby pink to black. Is this how his bum is going to be from now on? I thought for sure that the hair would have shown signs of recovery by now but nothing is happening.

    Others on here who have neutered your males... How long did it take for your boy's bums to re-grow hair?


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  • Can't speak to males, but when we spayed our girl at 6 months, they shaved what seemed like a third of her belly hair off. Now, almost 4 years later, that area still has less hair than other parts of her. And whether it is my imagination or not, I can still discern the area because of the lack of hair there. Go figure!
  • zandramezandrame
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    I think after 2 months Kouda was mostly grown back, but then the season changed and he shed everything again. Even when his belly was shaved for an allergy test, it was unnoticeable by 2-3 months.

    Is he licking it a lot? The skin should not be black, that sounds like hyperpigmentation and can be a symptom of irritation. If it is worsening, you should see the vet.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    I also can not speak about neuter since "my" dogs have always been female. However, I have fostered a few male dogs after neuter, but they were always adopted fairly soon after recovery.

    I have had the same experience as DianaBoston with my female dogs, more so with the doubled coated breeds. Both of my current Shibas have less fur on their bellies where it was shaved for surgery than elsewhere on their abdomens.

    I second zandrame's suggestion of taking your boy to the vet to check on the skin pigmentation issue. While the fur growth can take a while before it comes back in, the skin should not be turning black.
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  • I also agree with @zandrame and @sunyata about taking your little boy to the vet regarding the skin pigmentation issue. My Quakey's skin never turned black after his neuter.

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