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Need help breaking habit of going in the crate, ideas?
  • DoGoatDoGoat
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    Hi everyone,

    So while I've been working very hard on crate training and potty training Gnocchi, I've noticed he will still pee or poop in his crate. I believe this comes from him being in a crate his whole life until he was rescued. I read online that once dogs develop the habit of going in their crate, it is hard to fix? Is this true?

    Gnocchi hates his crate despite all the effort I've been putting into crate training him and making sure he is okay with it. He seems to be fine with being in the crate if I am in the room with him when it comes to sleeping. He doesn't cry as much and usually lays down and sleeps when I am in the room, but if I leave he just starts screaming his head off and despite how far we get into training for the crate (leaving him alone for 5,10,15min+) he seems to forget everything he just did and starts screaming and crying, so we have to start over.

    What should I do in this situation?
  • @DoGoat - There are lot of threads that deal with proper crate training and it's best to read through these threads instead of creating a new one since it's such a common issue. Here are some links:

    And a useful article:

    You may have to restart your crate treating so that he can associate the crate as a positive place to be instead of confinement. His whining and barking is separation anxiety and if you reward him by coming back to him every time he whines, it will only get worse because he knows that by doing so, you'll come back. It also does not reinforce the fact that the crate is a good place because you leave when he's in there.

    I would start by slowly reintroducing the crate and giving him a lot of praise and rewards when he is in there. Fill a kong with yummy treats/chews and only let him have it in the crate. You can also try to feed him his meal in the crate as well.
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