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Question: how old until the puppy shiba starts developing its fur oils?
  • my wife wanted to know because we have a new shiba and she read that the oils are suppose to keep it clean but she thinks that our 11 week old shiba is getting dirty.
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    Your puppy should be losing their puppy coat soon and you will notice a difference in its texture and resiliency of the new coat. There have been many posts by members when this happens that think something is wrong. But it's normal.
  • 11 weeks and their puppy coat is coming off?
  • That's not too uncommon. Some puppies start losing their puppy coat around 3 months. That's when Ham started losing his. I've seen others say it was 5 months or 6 months before the puppy coat was gone or starting to go. This thread here has some information about puppy coats.
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    Puppies may blow their coats early depending on what time of year it is. Typically around Fall and Spring are common coat blow seasons. Unfortunately, it seems like ours lasts 2-3 months at a time.
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  • Kiba started blowing his puppy (?) coat in december/january. Then he started shedding in August/September...and he started shedding again in November...I hope his winter coat lasts for a while.
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    Before I send puppies home at 9ish weeks, I already do 2-3 baths...they get dirty, they get oily from being handled all the time, and they need baths. It also helps loosen the puppy undercoat so they don't get all nappy and makes the shedding process easier. Once a week up till 4 months with mild shampoo and warm water is totally ok and good practice. Besides, clean puppies are more enjoyable.
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