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How to train puppy to come to you?
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm not talking about recall training, but more so when he is outside, and it's time to come inside, I end up going on a 15 minute dog chase to get catch him, he usually doesnt stop for me to get him.

    Any tips on how to get the puppy to come.
  • I'm not sure how this is different from recall since he's in a distracting environment and you are trying to get all of his attention on you and to come to you.

    But in general, always have a high value treat when you call him to come in. When he comes, give him the treat. Also refuse to play chase. If it's time for our walk, and Ham blows me off and doesn't come. I go do something else and he misses his chance to go. I don't chase him, I don't force him to do anything.

    Also, aside from a treat, do something fun inside, so your dog doesn't feel like he's leaving the fun area. Have a play time indoors so he's excited to come inside.
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    My Penny has very good recall: enough that I would trust her off leash if we lived in a rural setting. Even so, her "magic recall" word is SOMETHING. When she is outside, not paying attention or ignoring me all I have to say is, You want something? and she will come inside.

    Penny is food motivated and can't turn down a treat. You need to figure out if your puppy is food or toy motivated. Then you can use a specific high value reward to get its attention and shape their behavior.
  • Nookie's word is pepperoni. shaking a bag of pepperoni helps...
  • @Justifiedgaines guess you are right, it is recall! :D
    I tried bring high value treats, and he gets to think that it's a game to get the treat that is in my hand without getting caught.

    If i leave him and look like I'm doing something interesting, he stands a few feet away from me watching me probably thinking "WTF is he doing"

    If I stand still and ignore him, he does his own thing, than lies down - again a few feet away from me.

    Once I make a move towards him, it's a chase game all over again. At times it feels like a 20 minute job just trying to get him so we can go back indoors (ok now, but when winter hits, I will not have the patience or warmth to do that)

    Edit* yes I've tried to bring toys out as well, I'm now at my whits end....
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  • Something that a few other people do, I've thought about training Ham to do this. Train your dog to sit on a post it note. So if you want him to come inside, give him his cue to sit on the post it note that you place inside.

    Ham is pretty attached to me, and is always up in my bubble/lying on top of my feet and the like. But train him to go to a specific spot, and make that spot indoors. Reward heavily when he sits on the spot. Then do something fun afterwards that your pup would enjoy.

    Also training certain things like "touch" (where your dog touches his nose to your hand) can help your dog come closer to you. Then you can follow up with a sit. I'd say do some obedience training for a "go to your place (post it note)" and "touch."

    Also, as far as training your dog to come to you, while you are chasing him, if you run away, does he come after you? If so, practice playing tag and when he starts running to you say "come here" and when he comes to you give him a treat.

    Last thing, when he does choose to sit close to you, if this is a behavior that you want him to exhibit, always have treats on hand and reward when he sits close to you. So he learns that sitting close to you means more treats. But aside from this, we have tons of threads on recall. I'd check those out.
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    Bootz is neither treat or toy motivated when she is outside. She values her freedom above all. But we have a mutual understanding that if she obeys me when we are outside, I'll give her time off leash.

    We don't have a recall word. But I have a "tone". I use the tone only when I'm super serious and had enough of her games.
  • great advices, i'll give it a try.

    my puppy is only 21 weeks old, so might be a bit young to understand my tone... but he does chase me if I run away so i'll try to put in the word "Come here" - we try to use "return" as our word, since it's rare that he will hear that word in daily use and can recognize it means "come to me". it's mostly a miss, but it works indoors when we have treats... so I have that much going for me
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    Ohhh.. Your Shiba is still young. Don't use the "tone" til they are older and mature. Since your Shiba is still a puppy, try more cheerful and positive tones :) lots of treats and praise will help. Never scold them when they come to you (example: if they had an accident or chewed up something)
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    Have you tried rewarding him when you grab him by the collar or harness? So instead of rewarding just when he comes to close to you the reward comes after you gotten hold of him? Practise first of course in other simpler situations.

    Once in a while you may be able to fool him by sounding really excited and crouch down pretending you're holding something really interesting that you don't want him to see.... They usually get too curious so they come forward to look.
  • Kiba's recall is good indoors...but when he is in the backyard he has started a i always have to come up with ways to get him inside. Sometimes not even the high value treats work, he will get close enough to see the treat and realizes what is happening and turns back around. Sadly i still dont trust him off-leash...
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    Happy, high-pitched noises works for me. One of Kira's favorites is my really high-pitched call - PUPUPUPUPUPUPUPUPUP!!!! It sounds crazy but when we are hiking on the trail, she runs like hell back to me when I do it. Make sure you are using high value rewards in conjunction for a bit before doing it without treats.
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