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Can someone point me to the puppy house training forum post?
  • aeb5468aeb5468
    Posts: 14
    I have been trying to find one, but I keep getting directed to the breeders section. I was wondering if someone could help.
  • If a 10 minute search with the side search bar does not yield you the results you're looking for, you did not do anything wrong here.

    This forum board like to compile a lot of information into one thread for simplicity and "organization" purpose.

    Feel free to read through 15+ pages to find what you're looking for.
  • The side bar search function on the site isn't the best. The main way that I find things is by going to google and searching there making sure to search via this website.

    Details on how to do that here

    However, in the sidebar, you can click on "common puppy woes" Potty training threads are in there.
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  • @aeb5468 I most often either use the sidebar, or much quicker, search through google "shiba inu forum puppy potty training"
  • aeb5468aeb5468
    Posts: 14
    thank you i will do that next time!
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8588
    @aeb5468 - All you have to do is use the link at the top of EVERY page that tells you how to search Google for forum posts. training
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