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    I would like to know if anyone has their young shiba wear a harness all the time (taken off when sleeping). My fiancé and I are trying to see if getting him used to his harness by wearing it all the time will be better than the stress of trying to learn to walk on a leash and wear a harness at the same time.
  • I started with a harness for Cody, however switched to a flat collar that he wears at all times. They don't like he flat collar as much but they are much more affective when you are ready to leash train. He didn't seem to mind putting on the harness when we were using it and I would take it off in the house just because they shed so much as puppies they can get pretty itchy with it on all the time.
  • I immediately had Ham wear a collar when he was a puppy, and as soon as he was cleared to go for walks, he started wearing his harness. I would reward him for letting me put it on and take it off to get used to it and I would have him wear it for an hour or so then take it off a couple of times a day (while I was home).

    But I prefer harnesses because Ham is easily distracted and if he jerked on the leash, I'd rather him wear the harness, than a collar around his neck.

    Any time I take Ham outside, he is on a harness (even though he has better leash manners now).
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