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Help w/ Tali's new night time habit
  • kagurarapkagurarap
    Posts: 208
    Whoa, I haven't been on this forum in ages. Hi everyone! Tali and I are great - and Tali just reached 3 yrs old in September. Yay! Here's a recent picture of the "squirrel butt":


    So Tali has this new habit that's been happening for about 2 and a half weeks straight already. I'm not sure what to make of it. She usually sleeps in the bedroom in her crate with us and stays in there peacefully until morning when she bounces herself off the side of the bed (bc she can't reach lol) to wake us up. She normally wakes us up to be let out to use the bathroom. That's fine.

    Now, she's been waking me up in the middle of the night, every single night, for no apparent reason. She doesn't have to use the bathroom, she's just somehow gotten the idea that bouncing off the bed for any ole' reason will wake her owners up.

    I tried to ignore her. I confirmed whether she really has to use the bathroom. Now I'm convinced she just wants to wake me up, but the question is why? Is it just that she's being needy or wants my attention? And if so, why recently versus the whole time when she would sleep through the night without problem.

    I'm wondering if changes in the household are causing her behavior. I recently started a new job where I work from home now (it's been a month) so rather than me being out, I'm more available to her. I feel like ever since, she's been looking for me to play with her more (nudges me, brings me her toys with "that look"), and now this whole waking up thing.

    Any clues? It kind of reminds me of separation anxiety except she's not experiencing the separating part... I don't want to yell at her for waking me up because I still want her to wake me if she has to use the bathroom. Not sure how I can train that difference to her...
  • NikkitineNikkitine
    Posts: 776
    @kagurarap Hello from Tali #2 :D

    Have you tried locking the door to her crate at night? It seems Shibas are smart creatures of habit and any break in the normal routine has a possibility to cause shifts in behavior. My Tali has her own crate at night as well but she's locked in since she's a little rascal that would sneak up on the bed or find a wall to chew on. I make sure she's all emptied out before bed and she's good to knock out for the rest of the night. There have been a couple times when she was a pup that she'd whine to go out but she didn't have super bladder control yet.

  • sunyatasunyata
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    While this thread is for a puppy, it still is very relevant:

    It honestly sounds like your pup needs more exercise/stimulation. Maybe with your change in routine you are actually spending less time with your pup than when you were working away from the home. I know that sounds kind of silly, but when you are working out of the home, you have structured schedules with structured puppy time. Many times when someone is working at home, they feel like since they are there all the time, puppy does not need that structured time or they get less of it than they would otherwise.
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  • kagurarapkagurarap
    Posts: 208
    @Nikkitine Yay two Tali's! Did you name her after Mass Effect too? Anyway, I have thought about closing her crate but I feel like she won't like the crate as much once we lock her in. Once she was trained we actually didn't lock her in the crate as often and I think it's been so long, that she might think us closing the crate is punishment. I may have to work on crate training again before I attempt this. The whole closing it for small intervals of time first before leaving her for a long period just since it's been so long since we had to lock her in.

    @sunyata You know, I did think about that. It did seem like she needed more attention and I wondered if walking her more or longer might help. Or having a scheduled "dog" time so she knows when I'm going to give her attention on a daily basis versus me being there all day and she's coming to me instead. Before that, she knew to expect me when I got home from work whereas now I'm here all the time - so I guess that confuses her?

    Going to try planning some more playtime and more walking. Crossing my fingers that it'll help. (Bc I want to sleep straight through at least one night haha)
  • @kagurarap-I have noticed that having a scheduled "Quakey time" with my Quakey really helps. This is time in addition to a long walk with him when I get home from work. After our last walk before going to sleep I devote about 10-15 minutes doing Tellington-Touch massage on him while I play soft music and I speak to him, mostly telling him how much he means to me. Check out Tellington-Touch on you tube. My behaviorist/trainer suggested this and it has worked wonders.
  • NikkitineNikkitine
    Posts: 776
    @kagurarap - I'll let this picture answer that question ;]


    What @sunyata said makes a lot of sense. On days where I work from home, Tali is actually much more active and playful (aka naughty). She knows when it's the weekend too since we wake up about an hour later than normal. Our weekdays consist of bringing her to work and she is usually nice and calm right behind me. Once we get home though, she's hyper and bouncy. Perhaps it's a feeling of, hey you're home with me, but you're working and not giving me attention.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    I agree with @sunyata ....

    I think when you're home, you should be adding more to their regular routine. I actually had this discussion with my husband a couple of times....

    When my husband and I are at our regular 9-5 they get 3 walks plus play time in between. When we have the day off... My husband thought he could get away with 3 walks... I lectured him and said no way. They need 5+ when we are home with them... And more play time!
  • @nikkitine Aww that pic! :D Where'd you get all the N7 gear?! I must have!

    Just wanted to update everyone @Bootz @sunyata - Tali's doing better. I've found that if we tire her out properly and make sure she goes before bed at night, the chances of her waking us up randomly has decreased. She still wakes us up but it looks like she does it only when she really has to go so far. I think she just likes to be in the living room because there was a time or two where I've let her out and she runs there like YAY FREEDOM and I'm like okay wise guy (girl) you don't have to use the bathroom get your furry behind back into the crate!

    But yeah she's improved. I think she's gotten used to the new routine now and I've been taking more time to play with her. :-) Thanks for the advice everyone.

  • @kagurarap - I got them on etsy here:
    She doesn't seem to have the harness up anymore but you can always contact her and ask =)
  • @nikkitine Yay thanks! How about the Tali charm thing? I was thinking of eventually getting another dog in the future and already decided if it was a girl, she'll be Liara. ;-) Or maybe we should name her Aria. XD
  • @kagurarap

    I uploaded the one that Tali is using myself but you can make your own custom one too ;D
  • CleoCleo
    Posts: 13
    Bella, who has slept thru the night, on the bed with us, since she was 6 months old has suddenly started jumping off the bed in the middle of the night and wanting to sleep out in the living room. It all started when she had a really bad tummy ache - lots of vomiting, nausea and tummy pain for a few days - mostly at night. I got up with her when she was sick and watched her pretty closely. Ever since then, she doesn't want to sleep with us. We crated her every night when she was a baby, and now when she insists on getting up I am putting her in the crate for the rest of the night. I expected this to just be a test - her trying to see if I would keep getting up with her, but she is being very persistent! Sleeping on the bed used to be the biggest privilege to her. Is she just growing up?

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