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Bumps Around Anus... And a worried Shiba Mom.
  • My Shiba Rasu has had bumps around his anus for quite a while now. He does bite and scratch more frequently, however there are no other signs of a rash or redness other than around his anus. We have tried medication but I didn't like the way he behaved or the side affects. We are currently on a food allergy elimination trial to see if it is being caused by his current food. He has worn the inflatable cone for months. It is so heartbreaking because he can't be a completely bouncy normal Shiba. Has anyone else experienced this issue? My next step if the food trial fails to help is to see a dermatologist. I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  • koyukikoyuki
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    Have you seen a different vet for a second opinion? It could possibly be his anal glands needing to be 'drained', but I would say if it's been going on for months, go see another vet. He must be very uncomfortable and it could be something quite serious that needs attention straight away
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  • We have checked the anal glands also and they were not full at all. Thanks for the advice. I'll see about a second opinion.
  • BragiBragi
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    Get your dog to the vet asap. It can be something minor like pimples or a food allergy to something serious like a malignant adenoma.

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