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A clicker and treats are like magic! But...
  • Matso is 9 weeks old and surprisingly, it has been easy to teach him new commands! I used a clicker from PetSmart (very loud) and some yummy treats.
    So far he’s learned:
    1) Sit
    2) Stay
    3) Come (knows treats are inbound)
    4) Crate (goes into his crate)
    5) Speak (Barks)
    6) Shake
    7) Up (Stands on hind legs)
    8) Rollover (working on it…)

    Next will be “Look.”

    It was important that I taught him the basic commands before the show-off tricks. I’ve added in the “distance factor” but not the “distracting factor”. So far Matso has been very successful.
    He’s very submissive when treats are involved and learns super-fast. However, I fear that in the future he will only obey when he knows there are treats. What will I do when I cannot call him to “Come”?
    Another thing: Can I use treats to teach him not to bite? And how would I go about doing that? He’s a super mouthy/snapping puppy!

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    1) Shibas are notoriously bad at recall :P If he runs away and doesn't want to come, you shouldn't chase him it may make him run further away, just keep calling him and approach at a walking pace and always carry food or something he loves on you just in case.

    2)My boy is was and is really mouthy, the easiest way to teach him since he is still young is puppy playtime at petco or something like that. Also for my boy, I also hand feed him his food using my finger tips, I hold each piece tightly and if its too hard, I say gentle, and keep trying till he doesn't put any hurt my hand at all, not even slight pressure.

    Also once a day I'll smear my hands with peanut butter like i'm putting on lotion, and say gentle, gentle, gentle as he licks.

    Now when he gets mouthy, I just say gentle and he just starts licking me. Works with dogs he likes too.

    3) Also you can try training him with only toys or praise/petting as a reward. I know when I first started clicker training, every time I gave him a piece of kibble, I clicked when he ate it so he'll know the click is a good thing. Eventually you just have to click and it should work.
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    @Josh_Toby - There are TONS of threads on training and proper techniques. Please read up on those threads. If you have further questions or want to continue the conversation, please post in the most relevant existing thread.

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