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9 week puppy does not pee for 6 hours!
  • Our Shiba Inu is now 9 weeks/1 day old. There is a 6 hour period where he is home alone and kept in the kitchen. In the first weeks that we’ve had him, we had to use puppy pads because he’ll pee and poop all over the kitchen.
    In this last week, we did not notice a single pee stain or poop in the kitchen area while he was alone for 6 hours.
    For a puppy his age, how can he hold his bladder that long? I am more concerned about his health than him peeing in the kitchen.

    We take him out to pee and poop very frequently during the time that we are home with him up until 11PM. Almost once every 30 minutes and always 5 minutes after he plays with his toys.
    When we get home, he gets over excited and makes a pee trail all over the kitchen.
  • BragiBragi
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    He shouldn't be able to hold it that long unless he's dehydrated and not drinking any water. He may be drinking his pee and eating his poop. I think a puppy should be able to hold his pee for 1 hour per month old or something like that, unless he's sleeping which then can be like 3-4 hours?
  • BootzBootz
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    Shiba inus are known not to defecate in their own living space. He is most likely holding it and won't be good for him when he grows up as it will cause incontinence.

    The rule is their age in months + 1. So right now he should be able to hold it at max 3 hrs. I would definitely see if somebody can take him out for a walk during the 6 hr break.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Josh_Toby - Please remember to search the forum before starting a new thread. Chances are, someone has asked the same question before.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in the most appropriate existing thread.

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