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Shiba inu vs. Cousin
  • Hello, I'm not sure if im putting this in the right thread but i hope i did.
    I tried searching the web for this topic im going to talk about but i couldnt find it so i started a new discussion.

    Okay, so how should i start..
    My 4 months old Shiba inu, Mamoru, has been living with me for about 1 and a half months now.
    He has no problem or what so ever and he is not that stubborn in most part. However, for some reason he HATES my 6 years old cousin who always come visit me at my house and come for sleepovers. It's the third time he met my cousin and he's been acting out even more. Since the first time they met, he started barking at my cousin for no reason. My cousin NEVER tease or poke him at all. I always supervised them when they play. He does play with my cousin at times.. One thing that bothers me most is that he keeps on barking at my cousin while sitting on my foot. He won't let him near me and will do shiba screams when he does. He usually dont follow me around that much but when my cousin is here, he follows me everywhere.
    I heard that when dogs sit on your feet, they are dominating you. However i feel like im the pack leader and he always listen to me. ( But, i guess no?) Anyways, when he starts barking and whining, I tap him a little and tell him to go away, or go to his bed. When he sits on my foot, i kinda push his away. And recently today, me cousin came for a sleepover and he started pulling and nipping on his pants and shirt. When i tell him to go to his bed he keeps whining and doing the shiba scream. Ever step my cousin makes, he will whine and bark. The first few times he listen to me but today he just wont.
    I really dont know what to do. Im not stress or scared or anything but im concerned that if this continues, one day he will bite my cousin.
    So far, he hasnt show teeth, bite, or growl at him or anything just whining and barking.

    Please helpp!!!!!!!!
    I really need helps and suggestions.

    PS. We do socialize him. He loves meeting new people. He never barks at guest. He is only being overprotected over me not my mum or dad or siblings ( I guess i can call it overprotective?)
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    @pomandmamoru - First things first, leave the "dominance theory" alone. It has been debunked by science and even the man who came up with it. Dogs are not trying to dominate you. You do not need to be the "pack leader"... Lots of threads about that, so I will leave that alone.

    Next, there are TONS of threads about fear reactivity, aggression, and socialization. Please read through those threads. Basically, your Shiba is not cool with kids (or more specifically this particular kid). You need to separate the puppy and the kid and introduce them slowly using positive reinforcement. Reward the good behaviour. Ignore or redirect the bad behaviour. (Stop tapping him, pushing him, etc.)

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to close this thread. Please read through the other threads on similar topics. If you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, please post in the most relevant existing thread. Thank you! :)
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