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night time crying
  • i have a 3 year old shiba and we just moved to a new house and instead of a crate i keep her in the laundy room. (which is dark inside) but if she hears us move at all at night she is crying and scratching at the door. baught a thunder jacket and doesnt seem to help

    she was crate trained and did this a little bit and would always try to escape any ideas to help her thaught about trying a radio next or maybe lamp?

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  • Shibas are a very independent breed but I still think that they like to be close to their humans. My son used to put my furry boy Quakey in another room when he slept and Quakey would cry during the night. As soon as my son let Quakey sleep in the same room where my son was sleeping in his own doggy bed, Quakey stopped crying. I have always let Quakey sleep in my bedroom in his own doggy bed or on the floor. He has never cried at night and he sleeps soundly all through the night.

    Is it possible to let your Shiba sleep in the same bedroom as you or in the same general area until she gets used to the new environment. It is difficult for a pet to adjust to a new living environment especially if that means being asked to sleep far from the Pet Parent(s).
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