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Does Matso (6 weeks/4 days old) hate walking with the harness on?
  • Does Matso (6 weeks/5 days old) hate walking with the harness on? We first had a temporary blue collar on him, but then switched to a harness because he kept biting the leash.

    If he wants to go outside, he’ll cry near the front door. But when we take him out, he won’t budge a muscle if he has the harness on. He’ll just sit down on the floor and says “I’m not going anywhere- pick me up instead!” He doesn’t cry, bark, or resist. He just sits and stays quiet.
    If we lure him with treats, he will move a few feet, but that’s as far as he’ll go. Once he eats his treat, he stops moving again.

    So we decided to switch it up and let him wear his blue collar again, and to our surprise, he’s walking like magic! He will walk perfectly, minus the fit he’ll throw if he feels any pressure from the leash if he can’t go where he wants to go.

    FYI: We’ve had the harness on him for 3 days now. It’s fairly loose. He roams the house with his harness without issue. After 1 day of getting acquainted with his harness, we attached the leash. He still roams freely around the house like it doesn’t bother him one bit. But as soon as he steps outside with the leash and harness, it’s an absolute no go. We also practiced walking around the house while I hold the leash. This doesn't help much.

    What is he thinking? Is he bothered? Is he scared?

    It’s become difficult for us to take him outside to pee or poop because of this. There have been several accidents in the house already!
    Any insights would be greatful!

    Matso and his colar and harness can be seen here:
  • My Shiba will not move when we put her in a harness when she was a puppy. She is now better but still prefer the collar instead of the harness. I think she feels restricted by the harness around her legs and doesn't feel like she can move. Give him some more time to get use to it and maybe play with him outside to try to get him to see that he can also move freely outside. :)

    He is only a puppy right now so some potty mistakes are to be expected especially becuase he is only 6 week old.
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    @Josh_Matsu - Please search the forum for discussions before starting a new post. Most likely someone has already posted on a very similar (or even the exact) topic.

    There are several existing threads on behaviour changes after putting on a harness. Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Please read through the existing threads and if you have further questions or want to continue the discussion, please post in the most relevant existing thread.

    Thanks! :)
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