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How do I stand the wait?
  • I'm in a big upheaval stage of my life right now- about to leave for an internship in a remote area for six months, followed by a period of uncertain employment thereafter. Obviously not the time to get a dog. But I have puppy fever like CRAZY- have had it for years now, but it has gotten bad these past couple of months. I can't stop looking at the listings of my region's closest Shiba rescue, thinking of dog names, making a step-by-step plan of how to get my life in order post-internship to be ready to have a dog...

    I do what I can to "get my fix"- love on the dogs belonging to my family, friends, coworkers. Housesit and dog walk for extra income. Would volunteer with rescue or foster if I didn't feel like I would just want to keep all the dogs forever! I'm trying be as clear-eyed as possible on what I'm getting myself into- researching into the breed, positive reinforcement training techniques, etc. While it won't be my first time living with a dog, it will be the first dog I have owned on my own. I am trying to prepare as best I can, but also not drive myself crazy with longing.

    How on earth do I survive the wait?? It will be at least eight months to a year until I can start seriously looking for a Shiba to rescue- and then longer still depending on when the right dog comes along.

    Any suggestions on how to make this time easier-- or commiseration from other hopeful owners-to-be-- is appreciated.
  • Where do you live? Maybe you can find other Shiba owners on or facebook groups.
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  • One can never be fully cured of puppy fever. I get it from time to time as well even though I already have 3 pups of my own. Remember that you'll be giving your new dog at least 10 years of your life so you really want to be truly ready financially and mentally. You need to take care of your life first before taking care of another.

    @Kira_Kira 's idea is a good one where you could try and get your fix with other Shibas, but that could potentially make you long for one even more.

    You could even look into owning a smaller, more affordable pet for the time being to get your mind off of it for a while. A fish, perhaps. Or a hamster.

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