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Socialization help.
  • Hi everyone, I posted once but accidentally didn't read the guidelines but I am all squared away now..

    So here is my issue, I have a 5 months old Shiba Male named Oberyn..I found him at random in a store and as much as i usually wouldn't get a pup like that I loved him. He was 9 weeks and AFTER I had done all of the papers and was leaving the lady told me he had not been outside yet(like it was supposed to be exciting) he is a total sweet heart aside from guarding his water/food.. but when I take him outside he barks at quite literally everything.. People walking, Cars, Firehydrants.. I live in an Apartment building and when he starts barking I can't do anything to seem to calm him down he won't listen but he echos all through the building since it's enclosed.. I know it is going to take some work but I need some guidance. when he sees people and dogs he barks BUT once he gets to them he just sits down and sniff/licks he just wants to say hi. The problem is other peoples dogs might not take so kindly to his bark which makes them nervous and i just want to help the poor guy.. My first thought was to take him to the dog park but there are holes in the fence in my complex and he can just slip right out.. It already happened once. I am a first time dog owner when it comes to me being responsible completely my family had pets

    Any help would be tremendous. Thank you.
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  • Hello @Dclay_2000 and welcome!

    So between when you got him at 9 weeks to him being 5 months old now, what type of socialization have you done and what exposure has he been given?

    When we got Ponyo, we carried her everywhere with us since she didn't have all of her vaccinations. So within the first couple of weeks she had been to all of our normal stops (groceries, home improvement stores, etc) and was attending festivals with a ton of people, smells etc. She was a little apprehensive at first, but now at 15 weeks old, she isn't afraid of anything.

    Have you already searched the forum on how to get your pup to stop barking? The following were some helpful threads already about this topic that can give you tips on how to get your pup over this:

    It just sounds like you are going to have to start with the basics and start exposing him to new things very slowly. Like today, here is a fire hydrant and it is nothing to be scared of, and then go back inside. Overexposing your dog can freak them out and won't be helpful for socialization or barking, so this will take a lot of patience.
  • @imBLASAIN

    I try and take him on walks and such he just barks and pulls a lot of the time.
    I take him out when my GF and I go get food and we sit outside on the tables and he just sits calmy and hangs out with us and lets people come pet him and is as sweet as can be.

    We take him on walks in the park he seemed to be getting a little better he wasn't barking so much cept for cars.
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    @Dclay_2000 - Please remember to search the forum for answers to your questions before starting a new thread. Socialization has been discussed SO many times on the forum and there is such great advice already out there. Please read through the threads that are posted above.

    If you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, please pick the most relevant existing thread and post there.

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