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Can someone test a theory?
  • I heard an interesting theory about dogs and was wondering if someone would test it? After Fen and now the heartbreaking news about Loki, if it works, it might be good to know.

    The theory is, that dogs are pack animals and see you, the human, as part of their pack. So when your dog is running away from you and you want to catch them, don't run after them. Wait until they turn to look at you and drop to the ground (like collapsing) and stay down. The theory is, they will stop running away and will instead come over to check on you.

    I am skeptical, but would someone be willing to try it? (In a safe, secure, fenced location of course)

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  • BootzBootz
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    This has been done numerous times with different owners.

    Depends on your dog. Results vary
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  • I have tried this and can say that it will only work in certain situations like when the dog is in a calmer state or when they are playing.

    In cases where the dog gets freaked out or are extremely hyped up trying to chase something, it's unlikely that they will even look back at you, let alone come back to check. With the high prey drive with Shibas and how skittish they can be, I'm doubtful that this would be a reliable way to get them back =/
  • tysaaantysaaan
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    I would like to try this but I feel that it would be hard to really prove or disprove without actually having your dog escape. When Jibo escapes he is in a different attitude because he knows he is free where he is not supposed to be, therefore his energy is 2x and his endorphins are exploding, whereas in a gated area he will be excited and curious but not in the same attitude. I do know for one thing though, that when my stepdad was chasing Jibo he was running. I opened the front door and he saw me, so I called him in and he ran right in.
  • I think it varies by dog, prey drive, and personality.

    Kira has moderate prey drive. I can open the front door and tell her to "get it" at the squirrels and she chases them up the tree... Then I call her and she will come back inside, no fence, leash, or anything. Her desire to be with us (her pack) happens to trump her prey drive. I'm so thankful for that. I think it was luck of the draw.
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  • Yes I think you are very lucky!

    I think in Fen's case, this may have worked? I don't know - he wasn't spooked (according to the puppy-sitters) he was playing, so he may have seen this as a new part of the game (and he ALWAYS looked back when running away and being chased). It's an interesting theory though.
  • BragiBragi
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    I try this all the time, sometimes i pretend to be in hurt, sometimes I pretend to cry. koji just looks stops and stares at me and gives me the "you're weak" look, then walks away......
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @renitiadb - Here is a good thread for you to read:

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