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Recommendations for Dog Friendly Vacations
  • hmbackhmback
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    My husband and I have always traveled a lot but now that we have Clifford, of course we want to bring him along for the fun. I don't want to just bring him to a place and drop him off by himself though - I'd love an experience where he can join in on the vacation such as dinner and sightseeing and maybe a day at the spa. Does anyone have any specific places they've been to that they could recommend as dog inclusive? I know a number of hotel chains are dog friendly such as Kimpton but I've never stayed at one - any thoughts?
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • Adding on slightly to what @sunyata mentioned:

    For dog friendly hotels, if they don't have a detailed policy, call them and check to make sure that their policy does not preclude leaving a dog in the room unattended. Some dog friendly hotels are less than friendly in that respect.

    Think about renting a house instead of a hotel room if you're only going to stay in one place. I find that it is easier on the dogs not to have so many people making noises in an unfamiliar place.
  • hmbackhmback
    Posts: 42
    Great ideas - bringfido might give us more ideas of where to go. My husband and I are pretty much up for anything and anywhere which is why I reached out to all you experts. We live in Wisconsin but can drive/fly to places that would be great for Clifford. Sunyata and Violet - do you have any specific places you've stayed that you really loved (or that your pups really loved)? There are a number of dog friendly hotels and campsites around us but would appreciate any feedback of places other people have gone. Thanks!
  • We really liked going to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northwest Michigan. Not all the trails are friendly, but quite a few are and some of the beaches are dog friendly and it's pretty much gorgeous up there and not so difficult to find a dog friendly house to rent. If you like to be very active outdoors, I would recommend that or checking out some of the other national parks perhaps?

    Plus lots of great breweries though less exciting wineries in that region. My experience with wineries/breweries across the country is that the locations themselves don't tend to be dog friendly but tasting rooms sometimes are. Each state tends to have slightly different regulations so always best to call and check if you are interested in particular ones. There are also some fun dog friendly places in the northeast/midatlantic but I think those will be a much longer travel time and have higher costs than if you look closer to home.

    Honestly though, your pup is young. I think lots of shorter day trips to different cities/parks/towns/etc on the weekends will be more fun and a bit more useful in terms of socialization. By the four month mark our girl had been to five different towns/cities and to this day she loves to travel. Mind you, we were on the east coast where everything is much closer together. Just see if there are some fun cities/towns that are an easy day trip (or overnight trip) and do a little research. Restaurants with patios, bookstores, wineries, breweries, antique shops, etc are all often pretty dog friendly. Just find a couple of places that interrest you, call ahead to confirm, and from there you can just wing it and wander having a list of a few places you know you can hit in case a place says no. They key is to have a well behaved dog, and to be polite and leave one person outside with the dog and the other person inside to ask the shop first. You'd be surprised at the number of places that allow dogs.
  • hmbackhmback
    Posts: 42
    Sounds great - thanks Violet, we for sure will check out Sleeping Bear Dunes! We've taken Clifford to a bunch of stuff in the area like festivals and restaurants so he definitely loves meeting new people, trying new things and seeing different sights. We just want to take him with us everywhere, including vacations, as we love being with him so much. We usually plan a number of longer trips throughout the year and now that we have him, of course we're going to plan our trips with him in mind. It's no fun going places when we can't bring him too! Thanks for the recommendation!
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  • @Kira_Kira - wow just looked up Shenandoah and it looks gorgeous in the fall. I'm definitely bringing this idea home tonight. I also agree that the cabin idea looks like something Clifford would love - I'm going to have to get him a longer cable. Thanks!

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