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Barking help (5mo Boy)
  • Hello everyone, If i didn't post this in the right spot I apologize this is my first post.

    I have an almost 5 month old shiba boy, who is a total sweetheart but when I take him outside he barks at literally everything(dogs, people, cars, ect) and he doesn't even stop to take a breath for me to reward him with a treat for being quiet.. I am not sure if I am just going about this wrong but I am desperate. I live in an Apartment complex that you have to walk in doors before you are in your apartment and he echos. I don't know if it might just get better with age but my concern is that the place i adopted him from informed me AFTER we had done all the papers and we were leaving that he had NEVER been outside as of 9 weeks of age. My vet and others said he just needs to go on walks but he barks uncontrollably the whole time. I love him to death and won't give up I just need some guidance with the breed maybe I don't know.

    Thanks so much.

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    It sounds to me like this dog really needs some socialisation-to get used to (and learn in a positive way) different places, people, dogs, noises-all stimuli really.
    Have you done much socialising with him since getting him? When you say adopted, I'm assuming you mean from a rescue group- was there a reason why he was not outside until after 9 weeks old?
    He has missed some really crucial socialisation etc and you will need to really commit to helping him get accustomed to the world around him in order for him to be a happy and well balanced dog. It will take a lot of work and patience, hopefully you will find a lot of useful information on this forum- it will be a great resource for you.
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    @Dclay_2000 - We require all new members to introduce themselves to the community before being given access to the entire forum (and asking questions). Since this is not an introduction (and a fairly common question), I am going to go ahead and close this thread.

    Please start a new thread and introduce yourself and your pup. Tell us a bit about yourself, why you wanted to add a Shiba to your home, your experience with dogs, etc.

    Once you do so, you will be promoted to Member status and will have access to read through and post in other threads and categories.

    Thanks! :)
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