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  • So recently I have been hearing a lot about Barkbox online. Apparently it is a monthly package of pet treats and toys that are delivered to your door. While I like the idea in theory, I was wondering if any of you have any experience with this particular product. For me, it is important that I buy quality toys and treats for Tweener (not just anything thats out there). Im super cautious about the ingredients that are found in his treats and making sure that his toys are non-toxic and not something that hes going to ingest and cause harm to his body. The other hesitation is that while Tweener loves toys, he is rough on them (below is a picture of bear baby-a toy that is only 5 days old) and I cant justify spending $30 a month on garbage quality toys that he is going to tear up in less than a week if thats what Barkbox is. They say that the toys and treats are tailored to your pet, but when you go to sign up they ask you your dogs breed and Shiba Inu isnt even an option, so he has to be "other"ed :(( Any information or experience about this product is appreciated. I do like the idea just not sure if expectation will meet reality on this one.

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  • KCMeekoKCMeeko
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    I too looked into this but have the same fear as you. Is it worth the money for the quality of goods you get each month?
  • We signed up and have received three boxes so far. All of the treats have been grain-free and high quality and the toys are also pretty good. It is definitely worth the money IMO.
  • We did a 6 month subscription and decided not to continue. We couldn't use about 50% of the box every time because there was always at least 1 toy and at least one type of treat the dogs refused to play with or eat.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    I think it's only worth it if you get a discount on them. Meaning...maybe I'd be willing to fork out $15-$20 a month for them but it's a gamble. I subscribed for 3 months when Kira was a puppy (Groupon special - $40 for 3 months), but it would be worthless to get it now since she has lost interest in most toys and while the treats are usually unique, they are difficult to find even if your dog likes it.
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