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Sudden backyard behavior change
  • Merritt is almost four. Ever since he came into our family he has loved the backyard. He loves to watch the birds, squirrels and trees. He loves to play fetch with the ball. He would much rather be out in the backyard then anywhere inside... Within the last month to six weeks he spends very little time in the backyard. He seems apprehensive to go out, even when I attempt to persuade him with his beloved Chuck It! Ball launcher. He sometimes can not be persuaded at all and will just go to our bedroom and get on the bed or in his crate. When he does go out he looks at the eastern fence line with what we have come to know as his alert yet unsure of the situation body language. He will not play fetch in our backyard hardly ever now but he is still his playful self at my friend's house (which we go to daily to let her dog out). Six months ago our neighbors on the other side of the eastern fence line adopted two adult boxers. But Merritt's behavior only started within the last month and a half with no obvious trigger. Any insight would be appreciated.
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