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My Shiba's Biting Habit
  • Hi Everyone, I have a 2.5 year old Shiba who just recently nipped at a neighbor and drew blood. He also nipped at our neighbor's wife a few months back and drew blood that time as well. He has never nipped at us nor anyone else, he would play bite or nip lightly and yank at your pants but just wanted to see if any of you have experienced anything like this before. We are thinking he might have some sort of issue with the neighbor's dog and doesn't like the scent for whatever reason. Any advice on how to stop this behavior would be great or any insight as to why this is happening would be appreciated as well!


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  • Could he be getting more aloof and people intolerant as he ages? Our shiba also will hardly bite us, but when we have guests over, he is much more mouthy with them/bites harder. It may be that he doesn't realize that the soft biting rules that apply to you, also applies to them?
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