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Good name/bad name
  • CroakedjCroakedj
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  • Koji's momKoji's mom
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    seems easier to not use a name at all if you being negative- but mostly you just ignore bad behavior all together and/or redirect...

    I honestly don't think I used the word "no" hardly ever with Koji...I do have a very mild ah ah sound I make when he doing something undesirable..but I tried to get out of mindset that dogs do anything "bad"..they just being dogs/puppies and we have to show them how to act in our world, not punish or be negative when they being a dog.
  • tysaaantysaaan
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    That's weird, I've honestly never heard of that before. I've only heard of people saying different variations for the word no, since no is a commonly used throughout the day. Sounds interesting though.
  • FrillfaceFrillface
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    I only say Denso's name and 'no' when he is around other dogs. I guess so he knows I'm talking to him? I don't really have a reason, it's just what I do lol. Otherwise I just 'ah ah' him
  • CroakedjCroakedj
    Posts: 37
    I rarely say "no" to Max because it doesn't really work anyhow. I just make weird noises until he looks at me like I'm crazy and it usually draws his attention away from whatever he's doing that I don't want. Typically chewing. He's actually been a pretty good pup so far. His only real problem behavior (so far) has been his fixation on chewing anything possible. If it's near his face, he chews it.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    I actually have heard about calling your dog by a second name when you have to correct him/her. I do not remember where I read this. Quake's name when he is engaging in behavior I do not like is "Bad Bowser" and I say it after "ACK, ACK" like "ACK, ACK Bad Bowser" and I say it in a stern voice and my hands on on my hips and I have a stern look on my face. I always say his name "Quake", "Quakey", My Angel" and other sweet names in a loving voice and his feelings get hurt when I use the "Bad Bowser" voice. He even let's out a little cry and has a sad face in order to try to dissuade me and I do not let that influence me. He gets the message very quickly. I also may say in a stern voice "Don't you Start" or "No Acting Up" and he knows Mum means business.

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