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Need some serious help with aggression possibly due to being intact?
  • BragiBragi
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    Koji is now 8 months are 4 days old and he has not been neutered yet. I was hoping that I could wait as long as possible so he could grow properly and receive the right amount of hormones.

    Anyway, I've socialized him everyday of the week since he was 3.5 months old. I take him on 1-2 hour long walks 3x a day and let him play with other dogs everyday for about 2 hours. He gets along with every dog (excluding the shibas in the neighborhood, for some reason they are all extremely aggressive and bite people and dogs). Almost all the dogs in the neighborhood have been neutered or spayed already.

    Now that he has hit 8 months, there is another puppy that is a month older than him, a goldendoodle, who is also intact. He used to play with this dog though it is much bigger than he is, but now when he sees that dog he wants to kill him, his hair starts raising up and he growls and snarls and snaps for real, like he really wants to hurt him. When this happens, any dog he is friends with or plays with comes close to him, he will snap at them too. Once this goldendoodle is gone, he is completely fine again and wants to play and is friendly again. He's been socialized to people, children and babies (excluding people who are obese, he's terrified of them and will bark and want to run and there aren't that many here to help me get him used to them).

    Also when he was younger, there were certain dogs who just straight up attacked him because he had balls. And then once they attack him (i never let him get hurt) he remembers and next time he sees them he wants to kill them though not as bad as with the golden doodle, I've fixed this behavior by talking to their owners and we walked the dogs together and now they are all fine with each other and play.

    But like I said with this one goldendoodle, I've never seen him like that and it really scares me when he is like that, and I feel ashamed at myself because it has to be my fault. I'm scared to take him outside again. Scared that he might go after another dog or get hurt himself or hurt his friends.

    Could him being intact be causing this behavior? Is it time to neuter him? Is it something I'm doing wrong? When he gets like that I immediately bring my dog away. Also to mention he sees the same 50+ dogs all the time, the golden doodle comes only once every 2 weeks for walks or something. Please someone give me some advice, I feel like shit and I'm getting really depressed about it.

    Edit: He also get banned from petco for snapping at the groomer, it was really obese lady like 400 lbs+ and they tried to stick a q-tip in his ear, I worked on the ear cleaning with him and now he's fine with it. They were warning snaps, like don't come close to me, he didn't actually try to bite any of them. He now is fine at a different groomer who uses ear wipes and drops and is not super big.
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  • zandramezandrame
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    Reactivity is common in Shibas, neutered or not, and most of us deal with some degree of it with our dogs as they mature.

    Check out the reactivity section

    In particular, these threads are a good start.
  • koyukikoyuki
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    Firstly, 1-2 hour long walks three times a day is WAY TOO MUCH for a puppy... Unless I read this wrong?

    Secondly, as stated above reactivity is common with Shibas, and it can be very hard to deal with... If going to dog parks with 50+ dogs- this is just too busy for any puppy-let alone a Shiba. Others may disagree with me on this, but I do not take any of mine to dogs parks. I'd rather socialise them in a more controlled and calm environment, I feel that any dog park type setting is just a free for all.
    Takeo is extremely reactive- he hasn't been able to be with other dogs (besides Koyuki) since he hit 1 yr old, and even before then he could only play with my sisters Chow Chow bitch. Now he is so reactive he doesn't have any play dates. He can see other dogs out walking as long as they don't try and sniff him etc
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Bragi - There are TONS of threads on reactivity and aggression. Please read through those threads for some excellent suggestions of things to try.

    I am not sure from your post, but it kind of sounds like all of these dogs are off leash? If that is the case, then stop walking with off leash dogs. Keep your dog on leash and the other dogs away from him and the problem will stop. If this is happening at a dog park, remember, that as Shibas mature, they really stop becoming dog park dogs.

    Since there are other threads on this exact topic, I am going to close this one. Feel free to continue the conversation in any one of the other many threads on the topic. Thanks!
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