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walking and hiking with a Black & Tan
  • Atlus2015Atlus2015
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    Just planning some stuff out when I get my upcoming dog. Next year he will be close to a year, and I want to take him out hiking (up on the mountains). Since Shiba's has a bit of fur, and I'm worried about overheating, does anyone else have a Black & Tan that can comment on the overheating issues, and what you do to help cool him during the long hikes? Should I wait until he is a bit older to take him out on the hike?

    hikes are usually going up on a mountain, light elevation, but will be about 4 hours long round trip.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Atlus2015 - There are lots of threads on outdoor activities with Shibas (including hiking) in the summer/heat. I would suggest that you read through those threads and if you still have questions/comments, post in the most relevant thread.

    And honestly, coat colour does not make that much difference in heat related illness in dogs (unless the dog is in direct sunlight for long periods of time).

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