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ideal spitz/nordic breed to bring into a home with a shiba/cat
  • So we know about dogs. You don't just stop with one. Most people I know that can afford more than one dog own more than one dog. So I've been doing my research, finding breeders listed on breed clubs, watching videos, etc.

    And I've narrowed it down to a few breeds.

    Keeshond-The first choice. They're fluffy, roughly the size of my other animals(though that luscious coat may make it seem bigger) and most importantly have a friendly temperament. What's more, is that there's a breeder listed with the Keeshond Club of America who lives within an hour drive of us, and is only accessible through email and phone calls(which leads me to believe that she isn't a puppy mill). Have any of you ever owned Keeshonden, and what were your experiences with them?(The kennel's name is Wyndspell and the breeder's name is Marion Crain, if you're curious). Also read that they bark more than a shiba does.

    Finnish Lapphund-WOULD be the first choice, if there were more than three breeders in the US. They aren't as fluffy, which means less time needed for grooming and not as restrictive on walking schedules(I'd imagine I'd have to walk a Keeshond at dawn/evening so it doesn't overheat) and have a similar friendly temperament. What are your experience with lappies, if you owned any? Also read that they have minor herding tendencies, and startle easily.

    Alaskan Klee Kai-Second choice. They're a similar size to my shiba(and therefore my cat), look cute, but I read that their temperament isn't that different from a shiba. On the plus side, I'm accustomed to living with one, but on the bad side, a shiba temperament(as I'll refer to it) isn't exactly an ideal family temperament. Also I know there's some controversy around their existence. Your experience, if any?

    Samoyed-Other second choice. Basically a larger Keeshond that's colored white and with fewer breeders, with a little herding tendencies on the side. Your experience?

    Your thoughts? And I plan to let my shiba adjust more to my home(she's only been here for 2 months, I plan to give her a year to let her adjust and get used to a home) before asking my grandparents if they'll let us have another dog. So let's hope they approve, and that the breeds I singled out are ideal for my home!
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