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  • (My apologies if there's already a thread regarding this, I searched a few times and didn't come up with anything. If I missed it, please point me in the right direction...)

    We like taking walks and we enjoy hiking. Obviously, we won't be taking New Puppy hiking or on longer walks when she's little, but she will be joining us on quick little jaunts around the neighborhood/into the forest right behind our house and eventually hiking up mountains with us (next summer).

    I would prefer a harness to a collar and unless anyone suggests not to, I'd like to get her a small one now, so she gets somewhat used to the idea of being in a harness when exploring with us. (As used to it as Shiba's get...)

    Any favorite harnesses?

    14 days!

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  • Sometimes the search function on here doesn't work well, and you get better results by using google, and just typing in "harness" and "Shiba inu forum"

    I found this thread which may be of help, and you can post there too!
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