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Giving The Puppy a Bath...
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  • Plenty of threads on this already, but in short - VERY normal haha. :) Looks like you just have a drama king on your hands. Check out some other bath threads for more info

    (google search + "Shiba inu forum" works best)
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    My shiba was like that when he was younger but he still is a pain in the ass when it comes to bath time. I noticed that he's more comfortable when I'm in the bath with him (gotta wear underwear or some sort of protection in case). I fill the tub up with a room temperature water, sometimes around 69-70 degrees F. Also I sing to him and sometimes give him peanut butter on a spoon to lick on.

    I would avoid using a shower head to spray water on him, my dog hates that. I use a little bucket. Also a deep massage helps them calm down and petting them from their head, down their spine to their tail really helps them calm down. If your boy loves toys you can put some in the bath tub, a rubber duck does wonders.

    If its hot where you are and you have a backyard, you can try putting a kiddie pool down and see if he's willing to play. I would get ear plugs too, the shiba scream is toooo intense.
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