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suddenly hiro started to cry at night
  • minnlinminnlin
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    hiro was raised inside the house
    at around age of one year old I lost my job so I moved into a smaller place, hiro could not be inside at night. this was after convincing the landlord to let me at least bring hiro in during the day. he got used to the small backyard with his kennel set up as a house, covered to keep it from the cold and in the mornings I opened the back door and he ran in and spend the rest of the day with me and went with me outside, no problems at all. but recently he started crying at night like wimpering. took him to the vent and there is nothing wrong with him, through out the day he acts fine but he has been crying at night which worries me. anyone knows what might be wrong? he eats when I eat, spends the day with me in the apartment and we both go out for a run, he sets the speed of the run because I will get lazy and just speed walk if I don't let him run.
  • JuniJuni
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    I think you know the answer yourself, who wants to be left outside all alone at night???
    And what kind of a weird landlord require that? Why would that be better? If you can explain to him that he will be a lot quieter indoors perhaps you can persuade him.
  • koyukikoyuki
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • zandramezandrame
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    What's the reasoning behind the night vs day allowed inside? Is it the fact that at night you are sleeping and can't watch him? (But what if you took a nap during the day?) Does the landlord live with you and doesn't want a dog about when they are home?

    Get a crate or exercise pen to keep the dog safely indoors. And move as soon as you can.
  • I would agree that it is probably just because he would rather be inside. You seem to be in a rough spot, so I wouldn't try and push you to up and move or something else drastic (unless there is an option that works with your location/budget), but I would attempt to speak to the landlord, maybe using the reasoning that he is well beahved during the day, and would be much quieter if kept inside at night.

    Here's hoping that this is a temporary arrangement, since the landlord seems like a pretty obnoxious person. Best of luck and hope you get back on your feet in no time!
  • minnlinminnlin
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    aperantly the landlord had various people that stayed at the apartment and would let the dog just pee on the carpet, she saw that I took good care of hiro but she was still not sure I would take care of hiro at night. recently the issue stopped because actually she walked up to me and said "if you keep your dog in the crate at night you can keep him inside". so he has been inside the house and actually hiro has stopped making the noise so it does seem it was not being inside at night.
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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