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Whistle training
  • knaokoknaoko
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    I have puppy 3 months ago, he is now 5 month old. He went to the puppy class for 6 weeks and now he is attending the obedient class every week. I haven't introduced him to the off-leash dog park yet but I would like to try after training re-call and other skills. Has anyone tried whistle to shiba to recall ? There is a audible and silent whistle. Can anyone tell me your experience of it ?

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  • I have successfully trained my pup using a dog whistle as my emergency recall. Thankfully I have never had to use it yet in an emergency situation but I reinforce it about once a week with lots of cheese when he comes, and that is the only time when he gets cheese (his fav). That being said, he is 18 months and has a pretty decent recall for a shiba. He is off leash every day with me and I reinforce him coming back to me every single time with a treat. I would be wary about using it in a dog park around other dogs though as you don't know how they will react/be trained to it. If you can train him using it in a more solitary setting it might be best.