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Whisker fell out?
  • BragiBragi
    Posts: 33
    My shiba was rough housing this morning and one of the whiskers on his cheek fell out? He's 7 months old. I've looked on the forum and on the internet for anything about puppy losing their whiskers, but found nothing, only stuff labeled as dogs. When the whisker fell out there was no blood or anything but at the end of the hair it was much lighter than color, I mean the last millimeter. Will he be okay? Is there something wrong with him? Will it grow back? How long will it take to grow back?
  • NikkitineNikkitine
    Posts: 776
    @Bragi - Don't worry, it will grow back =) I'd only be worried if he starts losing them randomly which can point to a health problem.
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    It's a hair, nothing to worry about. Cats and dogs lose them all the time.
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  • zandramezandrame
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    They are shed occasionally, like normal hair. As long as they aren't all coming out at once, there's no bleeding, and the dog is acting normal, it's fine.

    They grow back like normal hair too, it will take a few months for a new whisker to fill in.
  • BragiBragi
    Posts: 33
    So he just lost another one, no blood or anything, no excessive scratching or anything like that, it seemed to just fell off when he went to sleep. It was at the same location as the other one. Both whiskers he lost so far were at his top left cheek, there were only 2 there to begin with, should I be worried now?

    I dont know if this matters but at 7 + months and is finally losing the rest his puppy coat he kidn've has a line down his back of coarser hair
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  • @bragi Not sure if you have/had cats, but they will also drop whiskers around. It's nothing wrong - sort of like our eyelashes fall out.

    We have a small cup where we keep any of Winston's whiskers we find. My aunt has a kitty whisker cup, so I kind of wanted to try that.

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