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Seattle Vet Recommendations and General Questions on Screening and Choosing a Vet
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    As I prepare to bring my girl home in a couple of weeks I wanted to get a good vet lined up for her check up and later shots, spay, etc.

    I searched the forum and came across this thread by @eliao7:

    @sandrat888 recommended North Seattle Vet Clinic.

    Does anyone else have any recommendations of vets I should reach out to? I live in the Queen Anne area of Seattle and have also looked at the local meetup discussion board but did not find anything.

    Also, does anyone have recommendations for screening and choosing the right vet (other than looking at yelp reviews)? The questions I plan on asking so far are:
    1) Does the vet regularly see and treat the Shiba Inu breed?
    2) Does the vet provide a "puppy package" of shots, spay/neuter, etc.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    There are a few threads that go over what to look for in a vet. Here are a couple:

    Hope that helps with the second part of your question. Since I am not in the PNW, I can not help with the first.
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  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
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    I took one of our bunnies to the North Seattle Vet Clinic early last year. They were very nice. Not sure I would take my dogs or cats there, because I like our regular vet. But our regular vet doesn't see bunnies. Sooo.. I will say that I like Dr. Amy Neer at the clinic. She used to work at our old vet clinic and was always great with our cats.

    We go to VCA Crown Hill in Ballard. Been going there for 10+ years. They're open 7 days a week and have been so, so great to our Shiba's and our cats. Tang is their favorite Shiba so far and he is always excited to go to the vet, because they are so nice to him. We also see the groomer there a couple of times a year, because she is very good with our boys (who so far haven't liked any groomer except for Jessica at VCA)

    To answer your questions. I know they see several Shiba's, including mine. So far they have been wonderful with them.

    Yes, they have a puppy package. I recall it being something like $300 or $400 (don't quote me on that price though. You should ask em) But it gets you all the shots for the year, the doctor visits, discount on neutering/spaying, blood work and parasite checks and I believe the microchip was included. It was well worth it when I compared it to prices at other local clinics. And if you ask, they have a free month long trial of Trupanion pet insurance when you see them. I highly recommend signing up for it and continuing the coverage once it expires. When we got Tang last year, we got the free trial from our vet and three days after I activated it, Tang fractured his jaw. Because I signed up for the free trial, I got the $600 back for our emergency vet visit. So do it! Because you never know what might happen.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about them. :)
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    Thanks @Sunyata - I will look into those threads to get my list of questions together

    So to add to my list:
    3) Can I make a "Meet the vet" appointment to discuss beliefs, policies, etc.
    4) What are your thoughts on natural food & medecine, raw, etc.
    5) Do you have experience with Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patella, and Food allergies?
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
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    If you want to go meet the vets at Crown Hill, I would highly recommend meeting Dr. Devra Darley. She is my favorite and I try to see her every time we go. The other two doctors are great as well, but I've known Dr. Darley for several years.
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    Thanks! When I call I'll see if I can set up an appointment with her :) @MoxyFruvous
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
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    Tell the people that answer that you know Tang's mom. ;) They'll know who you're talking about.