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Happy is bitey only to my family or who he is comfortable with
  • happyfluffhappyfluff
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    Happy is 8 months old always been shy and skittish with new people, still scared of other dogs barking at him in the neighborhood.
    He gets nervous around strangers (humans), but he becomes timid rather than aggressive.
    He has been doing this thing where he bites my hand and pulls it towards him whilst whining. Is he frustrated? I notice he does that when I am typing on my phone or device. It's as if he wants me to look at him. But even after I put down my devices and pet and initiate play or cuddles he continues. So I really don't know what he wants.

    he is play bitey if I may add, he doesn't bite to hurt, but I guess it could still at some angles. But he is bitey almost all the time to me. Only when he is sleepy he isn't. I try ignoring him, I tried time outs he is still bitey. What should I do? I give him tons of toys and redirect him each time but still happens

    He is from a bye I think, I bought him from the store that practically almost left him to die.
    He was so weak and ill an skin and bones, been trying my best to have him gain confidence, which he has, but I don't know why he only bites people he is comfortable with.
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  • happyfluffhappyfluff
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    Thank you nikkitine!
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