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Laying in own urine
  • Hey group..I could use a little advise.....I have a foster dog in my care that currently will pee on whatever and then lay in it. There is not rhyme or human logic to it, so I was seeing if anyone here could tell me why or help me correct this behavior. I am currently taking her outside often and praising her when she does go to the bathroom outside. I also have taken her to the vet and was told that her bloodwork came back normal (I will follow up with this later today after work). I do have another shiba, but I made sure everything was clean with the enzyme fighting cleaner. Please help!!

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    Did you have a urinalysis done? Sounds like it could be a UTI. Do you know anything about the background of the dog?

    In the meantime, check out the other threads on potty training and urinary incontinence that are already on the forum.

    Since this is a common topic, and one that has been discussed multiple times, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to continue the discussion or ask additional questions in an existing thread if you need to.

    Thanks! :)
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