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Behavior Changes at Dog Daycare.
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    I have an 11 month old male shiba inu. He has been a great puppy thus far (for the most part ;)). He has been going to doggie daycare 1 day a week for about 4 months now. He is usually excited to go and the people there have only said good things about him, except that they usually have a difficult time brining him in from outside for lunch. Yesterday, when he came in from outside they tried to guide him into his kennel and they said he started to run from them. As in, he was playing catch me if you can. They said this went on for 1 hour!! They said that he began to lunge at them and try to bite them.

    He has never tried to bite anyone before, I have never seen him even growl. And, he rarely barks. She said in order for him to come back he would have to spend most of the day in the kennel and he would not be allowed to go play with the other dogs. They want to spend one hour a day with him individual, so he will trust them.

    Should I be concerned about this behavior? Should I take him back to the daycare, if he will be left alone for the majority of the time? We have already signed him up for another obedience class this morning because I was so concerned. Just looking for advise. Thanks!
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    It sounds like you are experiencing maturing Shiba behaviors - they become more strong-willed, selective, and snarky as they get older. I stopped leaving Kira at doggie daycare because I wasn't comfortable not being able to be present to watch her interactions with other dogs. Shibas exhibit behaviors that are very different than other breeds so they are sometimes perceived by other dogs and people to come off as aggressive when they are just being playful, selective, wanting to be given space, etc. Kira was a wonderfully socialized dog up until about a year/year and a half old - she gets "snarky" when another dog gets near her that she doesn't know. She isn't aggressive but just gets yappy as a warning for them to give her space... little prissy diva [-(

    Edit: I also wanted to add that Shibas are very perceptive and sensitive to our emotions so if the people at the daycare are visibly frustrated then that would usually cause your boy to react to them. The fact that they might be frustrated with his behavior would be a concern for me because I would want to be around to witness their treatment of him when he became obstinate. Most dog owners that aren't used to Shibas can't handle the stubbornness of them and I would be worried about how their reaction to your dog's behavior could be affecting him.

    I would encourage more socialization that you could be a part of such as dog events, festivals, etc instead of using the doggie daycare. You can also read through this thread, I think it relates to your problem:
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    The daycare workers don't seem very competent at managing normal adolescent dog behavior...keep away is a Shiba favorite and yes they get silly and mouthy if they think it's a game. I would knuckle down on recall training with your pup at home, using a leash drag and longline with positive reinforcement. Obedience classes are a good idea too!
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