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Puppy Playgroup behavior
  • esteves91esteves91
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    Hi Shiba-ers.

    I just wanted ask ask questions regarding puppy behavior during a recent puppy playgroup outing.

    This Luna's (14 Weeks) third interaction with other puppies, first two was during puppy kindergarten (3 other pups), were it was obedience training and last 10-15 mins was play time. During the most recent play time (just a puppy playgroup with about 15 pups) she kept playing with a bigger puppy (Georgia) and was growling and snarling during play to a point when it look like it was getting very aggressive. The trainer had to pick up Luna and give her multiple timeouts during the playtime.

    What are your guys thoughts on this. Is there a way to curb this behavior or train her to not play so rough/aggressive?

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  • sunyatasunyata
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    @esteves91 - There is a really awesome thread about Shiba play. Please remember to search the forum for existing topics before posting a new one. Also, if you do need to post a new thread, please ensure that it is in the proper category. Thanks! :)
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