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Laube Shampoo
  • Hey, has anyone used any product from Laube? I couldn't find anything when Searching. They sell primarily to commercial/breeders customers. I just got their Plum White Shampoo and its great. No soap or detergents, smells great, won't strip the oils off the dog and helps in whitening the Urajiro.

    A little pricey but high quality.

    There are a lot of different cleaning products to choose from. I was recommended Blooming Orange which has natural ingredients in it which also repel ticks and fleas.

    I just washed Roxy last night (she was not a happy camper) and now shes clean and smells great!

    Be well all,


    Foxy Roxy- The Red Shiba Inu

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  • Havn't heard of that one, but now that she's been in and out of the tub, you should be good for a good few months. ;) They tend to not need baths too often - even after the dog park Winston looks good as new after a few minutes of self grooming.