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Trouble getting Roxy to go potty without playing fetch the ball
  • So I've had my girl for almost 2 weeks now and I'm in love with this sweetheart of a dog. We were meant for each other for sure.

    The only really problem I'm having with her is that every time we go go a walk to go potty she won't REALLY go potty without us playing fetch the ball first/during. I have to put her on a 50 foot lead leash and throw the ball until. She Finds the right spot and time to go. It's usually 50-100 feet away from me (mainly pooping). If I keep her on the retractable leash she will pee a little but usually hold in the full monte until we play. Not sure if it's a privacy thing, or if she just correlates ball playing with potty going. I'm going
    To stop the correlation and only play ball with her either after she goes or only once a day just to get her exercise in for
    The day in the morning.

    She's also SO picky with where she will go. She will Find a spot then squat, then shimmy over a couple inches then squat again. She may do this 5-10 times before she finds a good spot to her liking. I know it's a dog thing and all the smells confuse her as to
    Where she should actually let it go. I'm going To also try other grassy locations to see if that helps.

    She is house trained and let's me know when she has to go so I'm not really worried
    About her making an oops in the house. I am going to start cutting down the walk to 5-10 minutes and not bring any ball toys with us on the walk so she doesn't smell the ball and get the play idea in her head and jumble her mind out of having to
    Go potty. I think if I make it a habit and routine to NOT play ball
    And also limit her time to go potty she will learn to "use it or lose it". She's also
    Not used to lots of other humans around, other dogs around, and very much so being on a leash on walks and when going potty. She constantly tries to "shake off" the collar and leash. She is a very very good trained dog And comes to me when called But I'm Not ready to let her off leash what so ever yet. Don't wanna lose my
    Baby girl!

    So what I'd love is some advice as to how to go about training Her to go potty quicker and easier without having to play ball. I praise her emphatically and offer her a treat every time She goes potty to show her there's a reward of your take care of business but many times she shows no interest.

    Thanks so much for your help in advance!

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  • You are on the right track! As I said in the other place - you are not alone here. Our pup would sometimes take 30 to 40 minutes of us walking around the complex to pick a spot to go.

    Obviously that was a pain, so here is a (sort of) solution that worked for us.

    After ours hit 7 months or so, instead of keeping a schedule, we waited until he went to the door and whined to go out. We found out that we were taking him out every 5 hours or so, when he could easily hold it for 7 or 8. We adjusted our sched to take him out when he most likely needed to go, and he seemed to go a lot quicker. When he gets up in the morning, every 7 hours max, or right before we left to go anywhere.

    We have to take him across the street, in an abandoned lot so he feels that he is far away from home. If he doesn't go in 10/15 min or so, we take him back in and wait until he whines. I feel like this gets the point across that this is a walk for "business", not for playtime.

    Maybe she would feel more comfortable in a harness? That was our case, but it may just be her getting used to it.

    Best of luck with this!

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    Grats, you now own a Shiba lol. This is one of the most common problems they have, being extremely picky with where they go. I wouldn't recommend actually cutting her walk short, I'd actually prolong it to get her going so she WOULD go. Some dogs take a bit of exercise before they feel the need. Looks like Roxy is one of them. If you know she has to go, walk her for a good amount of time with no distractions. Cutting her walk short (5-10 minutes is too short) and having her hold it can cause more problems than good.

    So if you know she will go after fetch, try playing with her at home first, then taking her out for a walk?
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    @Michael_n_Roxy - There are loads of threads on potty training and picky poopers. Remember to search the forum before starting a new thread because most likely someone has already had a similar problem.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to post in one of the existing picky pooper threads if you want to continue the conversation or have more questions. :)
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