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Scratching Doors at Night
  • I rescued Lucky (10 years old) about 9 months ago. We also have 2 other dogs. Lucky has a dog bed in the living room as well as in our bedroom. At night, he is free to sleep where he wants. Our Golden sleeps on our bed and our other dog sleeps downstairs, since she can't navigate the stairs anymore. For the last week, Lucky has started scratching the bedroom door about 1 hour after we go to bed. The scratching continues all night, about once every half hour. I've tried letting him outside, that's not what he wants. I've tried putting him on our bed, he didn't like that either. Water is available downstairs, and he can access it. I'm getting pretty tired. Any ideas why he is doing this ? Or how I can stop it ?

    Beth & Lucky
  • silly question, but can u just open the door and let him show you what he wants? maybe he doesn't need to go outside but likes sleeping on a hardfloor and not the carpet?

  • The bedroom door is open and he scratches at it anyway. We now also leave the closet door open as well, in case he didn't like that door being closed. He is free to roam the house at night.
  • interesting... my thoughts:

    1) He just likes to scratch... maybe his toenails are long and he is filing them? I have seen dogs scratch at emory boards for that reason.

    2) He wants you to wake up and play with him

    Thats all i got for you... sorry =(
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