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increasingly worse aggression problems...
  • GambitDogGambitDog
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    Hello all!!!

    Sooo...I've looked through several threads, and while some aspects correlate, I haven't found any stories exactly like my own. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)

    So my little guy will be 2 years old this July, and he's an only pup and neutered. As a wee pup (after shots and everything), we made an effort to have puppy dates with our friends and took him to the doggy park and he did great. He's even gone through obedience training, and he did surprisingly well. Around maybe 1 year old, we realized he started going after little puppies in the dog park. And these puppies would be minding their own business, playing with other dogs and then in comes Gambit to sniff him and for whatever reason, maybe because it sniffed him back, but he will just jump on the puppy and tryto bite it. Of course dad pulled him off and the puppy was fine. And we try to redirect him and take him to walk around the perimeter of the park to get used to all the smells, and praise him when he plays well with other dogs and stuff. but he would do it again, so it was time to go home. And since then, he's done it the consecutive times we've gone to the dog park, so no more dog park for him for now.

    When we left on vacations, we would board him and he would do great initially with the other dogs. The last couple of times, he attacked another dog. The first time, they isolated him for a bit and then slowly reintroduced him back with the other dogs and he did fine. The last time, however, he continued to attack other dogs. We thought maybe it was because they were small, so we asked them to put him in the room with bigger dogs, and he did the same thing!! So he spent the rest of the time in a room by himself. The workers would of course go in and play with him, but he had to stay separated from the other pups! Sad day.

    and now!! When we are out in public, he will growl at ANY dog, any size that comes up close to him. Even some dogs that he grew up playing with!! There are only maybe 3 of our friend's dogs that he actually likes now. It's really ridiculous! He even continues to growl despite our hand being around his snout!! What is going on?!

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why he might be so aggressive now? And any ideas of how to resocialize him?? I don't want him to hurt any dogs, but I don't feel like constantly keeping him away from other dogs is the answer. Please help!!
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    While no one's situation will ever completely be like your own, bits and pieces of your story relates to a lot of other threads in the Reactivity/Aggression threads. Here are a few:

    It's a known fact that Shibas will get more and more intolerant of other dogs as they mature. Your dog is no longer a puppy and has figured out his likes/dislikes. There's also a reason why Shibas aren't considered "dog park dogs" because of their play styles and snarkiness.

    I think the next step is to either attend a socialization class or contact a behaviorist so that they can guide you in controlling his reactivity. If you know someone else with a dog that you know he either doesn't like or hasn't met, try to ask them to help with their dog and do 1:1 conditioning session where you misdirect and teach him to stay calm when another dog walks by. Start in a neutral zone where they walk by at a distance and see what the threshold is before he starts reacting and work from there. Try to misdirect his attention and have him focus on you while rewarding him heavily for ignoring the dog.

    Also, never use your hands to physically discipline or control him. You should not be closing his mouth with your hands, that's how you get bit and how you lose trust with your dog, potentially making him react even more. Use a leash with training collar (martingale, never prong) and guide him away from what he's growling at.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @GambitDog - ^ What she said.

    There are TONS of threads about Shibas becoming more reactive as they age. Please read through those and if you have further questions/comments, feel free to post in the most relevant thread.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread.

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