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Who says dogs and cats don't get along...
  • mmossmmoss
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    We've had Kit for about a month now (can't believe how quickly it's gone). He's constantly tried to play with Lucy (our 18lb boy cat), dropping toys in front of him, bouncing around him, kneeling, etc. Lucy's generally ignored Kit for the most part.

    This was two weeks ago when Lucy decided to squat in Kit's crate. (Video posted on Google+)

    Yesterday this happened.



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    @mmoss - There are several threads about dogs and cats getting along (and not getting along). Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. If you wanted to repost in an existing dog/cat thread, feel free. You can also start a "Life Story" thread if you wanted to chronicle your puppy's progress and/or life. :)

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