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Backpacks to carry Shibas?
  • LuckyTaroLuckyTaro
    Posts: 11
    Hi everyone :)

    I'm planning things I should get for my Shiba when I move in August! I tend to travel to places often, mostly cities that are very busy and I'd like to take my Shiba with but I'm also thinking about having a dog backpack just incase the area is really crowded or it starts to rain heavily, etc. I've found a couple of Amazon that look great but I'd like some suggestions :)
  • jarvizjarviz
    Posts: 69
    what did you find that fits a shiba? I've been looking for some too but haven't find any that look compatible. I'm leaning towards a messenger back for NYC train rides haha.
  • dougfoodougfoo
    Posts: 41
    I want one too, but even for my female Shiba pup I wonder how long I can go until they are just too big to carry in my pack?

    This looked possible.. but rated 15lbs some would prob say 10lb max and not if your dog is struggling around.

    Or maybe a messenger bag or a regular backpack would work...
    Posts: 412
    I have a ruffit, but I have to be careful of how I put her in or else her tail will go numb. Pix here: Also, at 23lbs, she's kind of heavy, so we only use it for short distances.
    Obviously, it's not going to protect against the rain.
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  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
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  • dougfoodougfoo
    Posts: 41
    The timbuk2 looks nice, just wonder if any bag can hold an adult size!

    this looks nice too, great reviews as well
  • BUMP

    anyone have a backpack that can hold a full grown shiba?? a gym bag equivalent is annoying
  • niki82niki82
    Posts: 434
    @Thumperbumper I too am interested when Sora gets tired from our long long walks.
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  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    @dougfoo + @thumperbumper + @niki82: the Timbuk2 can hold full grown shibas depending on how big yours are. It holds dogs up to 20 lbs. It definitely would still hold Pylea, who is ~20 lbs, but she started squirming her entire body out of the head-hole so I sold the bag to a friend, lol.
  • niki82niki82
    Posts: 434
    Thanks @pylea I will look into them. :)

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