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New cat attacking pup
  • imspiritbimspiritb
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    Ive tried finding other topics about this, but all I can find is stories of dogs going after cats and not the other way.

    After around 1 week of having Katsu, hes about 5 months, my roommates got a 18 month old cat. Ive done plenty of cat/dog introductions in the past, but i don't know how to deal with this. For the couple of days, Katsu was in his room (dinning room closed off with baby gate and old ferret cage), kitty was able to go up to the barriers and sniff and see him no problem. Then we had started letting them out in the living room, cat was loose and I was sitting on the ground with Katsu on his leash. Katsu has been around cats before, was curious but now overly exited, he would stay lying down and whenever kitty got close, he would simply stretch our his neck to sniff. The cat took his time, but soon he was sniffing Katsu's nose, laying down 1 foot away, rolling, purring and sleeping. Everything was going super well.

    BUT, one day, I had to take Katsu outside, so I picked up kitty to bring him back in roommates room (cat tried to run out of apartment), he wrestled out of my arm and ran straight for Katsu and started clawing for his face! Katsu screamed and ran away, every time I tried grabbing the cat, he chased after Katsu across the living room and kept attacking his face! Poor pup was not only not fighting back, just scream bloody murder, he also unfortunately had the cone of shame on giving the cat a perfect shot at his face.
    So I finally got the cat away, was hissing at me the entire time as I shoved him in the room. Checked on Katsu, (still screaming, entire building probably thought I was beating my poor dog), other than a small nick on his muzzle, no other injury, thank god, I was especially worried for his eyes.

    I just don't get why the cat went psycho all of the sudden like that! They were doing perfectly before! Now the cat hisses every time he sees Katsu and Katsu is skiddish around all cats (even my dads cats, he was fine with them the first 3 days I had him, before transferring to my apartment).

    What do I do? All the advice Ive found was to protect the cats, not the pups.
  • sunyatasunyata
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